Safety First!

SMART TOWER CONTROL is a predictive system for collapses and serious damages to wind stressed constructions, as well as for towers, bridges, wind turbines, platform roofs, highway portals and so on.

  • Combines engineering and IoT. It has a web platform, an APP and smart sensors, designed and managed by technicians with 30 years of experience in the field of telecommunication and big data.
  • Companies legal responsibilities are significantly reduced thanks to the always updated SMART TOWER CONTROL certification they get from Defa Engeneering Ltd.
  • A strategic business intelligence tool; it guarantees remarkable economic savings confining all the big works to only when legally required. It reduces all the ordinary controls and maintenance interventions.
  • Exploiting all the advantages of Industry 4.0, will help you build new business models in order to manage constructions with more reliability and speed, and to take care of the ever increasing threat of climate change on citizen security.
  • Will build new innovative models in a very traditional area. We are very competitive for engineering in South of Italy, thanks to the renowned engineering faculty at the University and the great availability of young engineers.
  • Conceived and designed by Generoso Falciano; in 2013-2015 it has been tested on a vibrating table at the "Adriano Galli" laboratory of the Department of Structural Engineering of the Polytechnic and of the Basic Sciences School of the University of Naples Federico II; in 2016-17 there were a series of tests on private electronic poles and then in 2017-18 on a park with 150 metal constructions of different types.
  • Its innovative approach could become the foundation to create artificial intelligence in a very traditional sector – in Italy the engineering is perceived as a traditional sector.
  • is easily implemented both on new and existing metal constructions.
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Vibrating Table Tests


  • Increasing the safety level of each metal construction by monitoring in real time its state of health;
  • Optimizing ordinary maintenance activities (checks based on the value of the Risk Area on predetermined points for each construction);
  • Ensuring strong legal protection to infrastructure park’s owner by transferring the project liability to our high specialized technicians;
  • Providing Business Intelligence tools that open up innovative markets, which will guarantee new revenues for the infrastructure park (residual load surfaces, real time static test certifications etc);
  • Reducing general management costs of the metal infrastructure park.


1 | Construction analysis

The first thing to analyze for each construction that’s monitored through the integrated STC system, are the available documents and the structural maintenance status so that the static and dynamic profiles can be defined.

2 | Peripheral units of STC

STC is equipped with some peripheral units called ICU (I see You), an acronym for "Integrated Control Unit" which contains electronic devices and the latest generation sensors; the ICU is adhered to the metal construction using powerful magnets, enabling data to be collected from the daily tests launched remotely.

3 | Structural Engineering

All the data collected through the ICUs are sent to the servers installed in the sole central control unit, at DEFA INGEGNERIA Ltd, they are constantly examined through models and ad hoc developed algorithms and then extensively analyzed by a highly qualified team of structural engineers. The data is validated by a scientific committee coordinated by the founder of STC, who boasts a consolidated 30-years know how in design of metal constructions for telecommunications, energy distribution and wind turbines. The Severity Code, customized according to the needs of the owner of the infrastructure park, allows, in compliance with the established Service Level Agreement (SLA), to define the alert levels, which companies or people to contact in case of actions or inspections, the opening and closing of any tickets and anything else necessary to ensure safety.

4 | Dedicated Web Portal System

STC has a dedicated and easy-to-use web portal through which all of its functionalities can be managed. Once registered and authorized to consult the data, it can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smart phone (Android or Ios) connected to the Internet and perform setup, supervision and management operations. Through an accurate dashboard you can access information such as the state of health and the map of the residual load surfaces of every construction or of the entire park. For each monitored metal construction there is a summarized technical data report and you can check, via interactive satellite chart or map, if and where there are weather/structural problems or where they may occur in the future. The details of ICU activities, the immediate tests, history documents and all the graphical representations related to the recorded data, are accessible by navigating within the portal in a simple and intuitive way starting from the main dashboard.


  • Structural verifications are homogeneous and objective by the adoption and compliance of a specific ad hoc regulation;
  • Allows you to conduct static checks in real time for each metal construction;
  • Gathers all the design, technical and characteristic data of each metal construction in a single database that is easily accessible through STC portal;
  • Provides management support to obtain high quality ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions;
  • Reduces the need of periodic on-site checks (static tests and checks);
  • Restricts the overestimation errors of the load bearing capacity (it allows the reduction of the safety coefficient);
  • Reduces general management costs of the infrastructure park.
  • Improves the public image of the infrastructure park’s owner, in terms of personnel, public opinion and legal security;


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Capital Sole 24 ore - November 2018

University of Naples Federico II - 2016

Dossier Campania - 2010


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